How Solar Power Works

You may have seen solar power systems around Bakersfield, CA, but have questions about how they work. Solar power is a modern alternative to traditional sources for electricity. It is a type of “clean energy,” which means that it is both renewable and less harmful to the environment than other energy sources. You can enjoy huge cost savings by installing solar power at your residence or business. Contact a member of All Seasons Solar today to learn more about solar power.

Capturing the Sun’s Energy

In the first part of a solar power creation, solar panels capture light. The sun’s rays contain energy in the form of light particles, also called photons. Solar panels are made up of many photovoltaic cells that capture these photons, which contain energy.

Photovoltaic cells in solar panels have an electric charge because of the different materials in them. When sun particles enter solar panels, they knock free charged particles. The system connected to each solar panel captures these particles and converts them into electricity.

Using Energy in Your Home or Business

Once electricity is created in a solar power system, it is a “direct current” of electricity. A solar system transfers electricity into the electrical wires in your home, making an “alternating current.” Just like the electricity you use now, this converted solar energy can be used when you plug in a device or flip a switch on or off.

When you install a solar power system at your home or business you use less electricity from your local electric company. This means cost savings. Many solar power customers can lessen their bill by a large percentage or eliminate it entirely. In some states, electric companies actually pay solar power customers for their extra energy.

Making the Switch to Solar Power

Now that you know how solar power works, you can make an educated decision about your energy usage. A team member at All Seasons Solar is available in Kern County, CA, and the surrounding areas, to answer questions and provide a solar power system estimate. Complete the form on this page to get started on the road to clean energy.

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