Solar Power Savings

Solar power is the clean energy of the future. Today, solar power systems are available in Southern California for use at your home or business. Solar power savings can make a huge difference in your monthly budget. The more solar power you create, the less you will pay each month to the utility company. Do you want to become energy independent? Ask about the peace-of-mind that a battery back-up solution can offer. A team member at All Seasons Solar is ready to give you an estimate of solar power savings today.

Getting Started is More Affordable than Ever

The cost of electricity is a constant expense for most families and businesses today. Solar systems help everyday people break free from the cycle of dependence on electric companies, saving them money.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, solar panel hardware costs have decreased 60% since 2010. While there are additional costs related to owning solar panels, they continue to become more affordable for the average American each year.

Getting started with solar energy can also save in your taxes. You may be able to take advantage of up to 26% federal tax credits as well as additional state tax savings and rebates for batteries depending on where you live. The team at All Seasons Solar can help determine your eligibility.

Long-term Savings

Now that more people can afford solar panel installation, more can begin enjoying monthly savings. Many solar panel owners have their electric bills cut in half, while others eliminate their bills entirely. In some cases, solar panel owners create more energy than they use. In certain states, electric companies pay customers for this clean energy!

A Bright Investment

Over time, solar power customers can save thousands of dollars. With regular maintenance and cleaning, solar panels can last for several years. To learn more about solar power savings in Kern County, CA, and the surrounding areas, complete the form on this page. The team at All Seasons Solar is ready to answer your questions.

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